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Family Dollar – Franchise Review

When listing the best performing franchises in the US, one can’t help but notice the tremendous growth of the Family Dollar Franchise. The franchise was humbly started by a young Leon Levine in 1958. The Family Dollar Franchise started as a small self-service retail store. The store offered low prices due to its low overhead and operating expenses.

From the one small store, the Family Dollar Franchise has grown into a multi billion business empire now managed by the son of the initial owner. The headquarters are in Mathew North Carolina which acts as the heart beat of the franchise. By 2008, The Family Dollar Franchise, had over 6,700 stores distributed across a 44 state operating area. It remains one of the fastest growing retail shops in the USA.

The Family Dollar Franchise mainly deals with food items, clothing and assorted household goods. Over 90% of its products stocked cost less than $10. This makes it the preferred shopping store for both middle and low-income customers. Its close resemblance to supermarkets and its self-service options are other attractive features of the franchise. However, the Family Dollar has no provision of online buying and so the interested customer must physically visit the nearest store.

The franchise cost of Family Dollar has made it very attractive to franchisees. Investment will range from $75000 to $250000. Hence the rapid growth, this also has attracted a lot of business partners with the franchise ranging from distributors, suppliers, transporters and many other stake holders. However, the management vets all of them to make sure that they are working with only the best in the respective categories. Such experts are the reason that The Family Dollar Franchise stocks the best quality products.

The Family Dollar Franchise has about 9 distributions centre in the USA. The distribution centers are equipped with state of the art telecommunication equipment. The call centre has an automated phone system where you can call a number and get directions to the nearest centre. The location and addresses of this distribution centers are available in an operating area map which is available in their official website (

Due to the many people who want to work with The Family Dollar Franchise as suppliers and/or contractors, the franchise firm has provided an easy registration procedure. The interested parties fill a registration questionnaire for suppliers as a primary requirement. The questionnaire can be found online in their official website. After filling the questionnaire the contact is put in their data base in case the procurement team needs to get in touch with the supplier.

Despite the Family Dollar Franchise not being an international franchise it employs over 26,000 personnel who are always happy to help. This workforce stretches from store workers to professional and administrative.

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Most people are not aware that 80% of ALL franchise endeavours fail in the first two to five years leaving large debts looming for years thereafter.

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