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Goldilocks and the Three Niches – A Niche-Marketing Story

You know the fairy tale of Goldilocks, who strayed into the home of the three bears? The chairs, the plates, and the beds were all too big, or too small, but finally she found what was just right for her.

Goldie found the right fit.

So it is with internet niches, those categories of subject matter people search for on the net. You must find the right fit for your marketing to be a success.

Let me explain.

There are niches that are huge, and you could make the mistake of choosing a niche that is too big for your marketing efforts to succeed. The niche might be a great one, but it is so immense that you-little minnow that you are-find yourself swimming in a pond far too big for you to be found. Other fish have been swimming there for awhile, getting bigger and fatter, and crowding out the fish food for others. In addition, they may be getting all the attention from the fishermen, i.e. web surfers. (In this case, they’d like to be caught!) A too-big pond also makes it difficult for a little fish to be an expert on all the secrets places in the pond.

You could make the mistake of choosing a niche that is too small for you. The niche might not have enough to feed a minnow! You might know everything there is to know about a certain hole in a fallen log, but not many people are looking for holes in water-soaked logs! This sort of niche would be a frustrating dead-end to your internet business.

Why not do like Goldilocks and choose a niche that is just right?

How is that done? First, identify your areas of interest and knowledge, then follow that up with a keyword search using any of the free search tools. If your keyword search has something like ten-thousand hits in the last ninety days, identify a sub-category, and plug that into your search tool. Narrow your search with the keyword tool until you have results that don’t exceed about three thousand hits. Note other keywords related to the winning one, and build your niche upon the foundation of these words. You’ve found your just-right niche.

Now, don’t get caught sleeping just because you’ve found your just-right niche! Formulate a plan and start building your website, lens, affiliate programs and blog around the results of your niche search. You have the right sized pond to dominate now. Don’t be like Goldilocks and get caught napping!

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