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Living A Life Without Mind Dominance

We, as humans, have unlimited possibilities to choose whatever we like and succeed in everything. The only condition is that we remain connected to our Source and free ourselves from mind dominance once and for all. Minds keeps us away from our Source -from where all of us have come-and keeps us disconnected from it. Why it does it? Because it is an instrument of EGO. Mind and EGO are, in fact inseparable. They are one and the same. Both want more and more to be accumulated. The mind keeps us trapped in a major misunderstanding that we lack something. Whereas, the fact of the matter is, we lack nothing. We are whole and complete. We are divine. So if we want to activate unlimited potential lying dormant within us; we have to say good bye to our mind and break the illusion of separation from the Source which the mind makes us to believe. Once we are convinced that we are firmly connected to our Source, and there is no separation, the whole world belongs to us!

Now it seems as if what I have paraphrased above is quite difficult to achieve. In fact, contrary to it holds true. It is very simple to connect to your Source anytime and anywhere! You just to have to do a simple exercise that won’t take more than five minutes of your busy schedule. Here is what it is. Just sit in a quite place and start observing your breathing. Just inhale and exhale normally, as you usually do. By observing this breathing pattern only for a few minutes, you will find yourself totally in the present moment. Totally in the NOW state-as others prefer to call it. To your amazement, you will observe that the clutter of unwanted thoughts of multitude of varieties has stopped suddenly. Now observe your thoughts. Just observe and do nothing else. Say to yourself ” Well let us see what next thought comes to my mind”. You will be surprised to note that several minutes will pass before you will be able to observe another thought coming to your mind. Whereas before it was a like a bombardment of several thousand of thoughts on you from your mind. Why is it so? It is because the thoughts, or mind has lost its control over you. You have conquered your mind. Mind cannot stand present moment. Present moment is a killer of thoughts. It, the mind, needs past or future to get hold of you. When you are totally present, it loses its grip on you and is unable to disturb you any more. Interesting? Is not It? You have been able to connect yourself successfully to your Source which is only available to you on the present moment.

Time, mind and ego are, in fact, inseparable. If you want to live fully, just be in this moment. Rebel against mind dominance. Say to your mind loudly ” I do not want to be your prisoner any more.” Now the question naturally arises do we really do not need our mind. Answer is both YES and NO. To deal with all practical aspects of our life, we need it, like meeting someone, keeping track of our commitments, doing every day common tasks. But we do not need it when it reminds us of past failures or future uncertainties and anxieties. Remember, the only reality is NOW, the present moment. All other states like past an future are an illusion, only in your mind, but with no reality.

In short, if you no longer want to live a life of pain and misery any more and want to life happily then practice living in the NOW -without giving a chance to your mind to dominate you. At first, it will be a little difficult but slowly and gradually you will be able to live fully in the present and a feeling of inner joy and peace will embrace you.

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