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"Tickle Your Amygdala" and Access Your Super Brain

The key to developing your mind’s power works hand in hand with developing certain parts of your brain. Specifically, your frontal lobes, a part of your neo cortex, the area commonly referred to as the third eye.

Of course the brain is a cohesive whole and you can’t just work on one part. This means that to access the frontal lobes you also have to stimulate other parts of the brain that trigger activity in the region you want to develop.

One of the ways to do this, in the words of T. A. Lingo, is to ‘tickle you amygdala’. A pioneer in the field of neurophysics, Lingo understood the unfathomable potential lying dormant beneath our skulls, and set out to find ways to tap into that potential.

Key in his research was the role of the amygdala. A small almond shaped organ the amygdala, according to Lingo, acts like a switch that when switched forward fires up the super brain, the part of your brain that becomes extremely active during deep meditation, ecstasy, nirvana, samahdi, transcendence and all of your higher functions, emotions, and peak experiences. When switched back however, it activates our R Complex, or reptile brain the part of our brain responsible for fight or flight.

Albeit unconventional, and largely unacknowledged during his life time, time is now corroborating what Lingo asserted: that the amygdala is like a switch to our spiritual, cosmic super brain and that by tickling, or “clicking it forward” in other words, we can develop the ability to flick our power switch on.

Tickling your amygdala is a simple little technique that will open the gate to your super brain and cause a positive response in you. To find out how to ‘tickle your amygdala’ and to try it for yourself you can find the instructions here:

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